Who I Am...

I consider it a success when my clients are able to grow their business.


I believe in continuous improvement.

This goes back to my childhood, when I would watch my mother work hard in the kitchen, cooking. She would run about the kitchen to prepare the family meal. Every time she would use the sink, she would walk across the kitchen, dry her hands, and go back to her work.

I asked, "Mom, why don't you hang a towel right next to the sink, so that you can keep cooking without going back and forth?" She replied, "Honey, that's a good idea, but there is no place to hang a towel near the sink."

So I made a hook for her to hang a towel right next to the sink (which was later replaced by a much nicer one she bought). I saved her extra steps to the towel, water on the floor, and her time.

I am good at spotting a need for a improvement, coming up with ideas, and creating a way to make it happen, using my skills.

Outside of work, I like exercising, eating good food with a glass of wine or two, and spending time with my husband, our dog, and our cat.






My Work

Sushi Kappo Tamura

menu application

Sushi Kappo Tamura is a Japanese Sushi restaurant in Seattle. I came across their need for a better menu creating system. I created a new web application that resulted in a reduction of time to update daily menus.

More about this project

"I'm impressed with how Ayumi had the creativity to problem solve with solutions that I never would have imagined. Excellent job and far exceeded what I asked for."

Steve Tamura, Manager, Sushi Kappo Tamura


wedding website

This is my personal project to practice Laravel. In this website, guests can login and RSVP for a wedding. Confirmation email is sent to the guest automatically when he/she submits RSVP. Admins, on the other hand, can see all responses.

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