Weekend Gozen

for the weekend of

All gozens include:


Agedashi tofu,

string beans,

rice and miso soup

Substitute chawanmushi for miso +4

Add chef's sashimi selection +10

Add yuzu and yogurt panna cotta +3

  • Asa Gozen/ 23

    Wild sockeye salmon shioyaki and organic tamago yaki
  • Hiru Gozen/ 28

    Maitake mushrooms, braised Snake River Ranch Wagyu beef skirt steak konabe and Chef's sashimi selection of the day
  • Nigiri Gozen/ 33

    seven pieces of chef's choice nigiri sushi


All combinations are served with miso soup

with all sustainable fish/ +3

  • Bara Chirashi*/ 25

    Sushi rice layered with nori, tamago, ginger and topped with a mix of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore and ikura
  • Sushi Combo*/ 28

    7 pieces of nigiri with a roll
  • Deluxe Sushi Combo*/ 33

    9 pieces of nigiri with a roll
  • Sashimi Combo*/ 30

    Daily selection of sashimi served with rice


  • Tempura Udon*/ 19

    Udon with two wild gulf prawn tempura and scallion
  • Tempura Udon Combo*/ 25

    Tempura udon with 3 piece of nigiri of maguro, hamachi, and sockeye salmon

Lunch Ippins

  • Mustard greens and Washington albacore tuna dressed with an almond wasabi sauce*/ 19

  • Organic spring mix, radishes, toasted almonds and Washington Fuji apples tossed in a sweet miso dressing/ 15

  • Totten Shigoku oysters on the half shell with momiji ponzu*/ 20

  • Chawan mushi with Jidori eggs, red crab and Neah Bay black cod/ 11

Tonkatsu Lunch

(Tuesday Only)

All sets come with:

Shredded cabbage, Snake River Ranch Kurobuta tonkatsu, miso, rice and tsukemono

  • Tonkatsu(loin)set/ 20

  • Hire-katsu(tenderloin)set/ 22

  • Combo katsu(loin and tenderloin)set/ 26